Counter-histories, Defacement & Carbonara

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I have been invited to guest-program the upcoming Centre for Everything. In a panel discussion and workshop, explore how national monuments and icons construct collective memories. Together we will consider ways of presenting counter-histories.

A discussion between researcher Clare Land and artist Amy Spiers will examine the ways artists and activists create debates about contested histories. We will take as our starting point the acts of civil disobedience by the Black Lives Matter movement, such as tagging and defacing confederate monuments in the US. We will consider them alongside local interventions such as the Boundless Street actions in Brisbane and the recent cutting of the chain fence on Uluru. We will also discuss Melbourne’s upcoming monument, Standing by Tunnerminnerwait and Maulboyheenner, which aims to bring attention to Australia’s forgotten frontier wars.

Urgent messages have been hastily inscribed on Australian monuments and infrastructure in response to war, dispossession and dark pasts. In this practical workshop, street artist Chris Honig will demonstrate some basics in stencilling, pasting-up, tagging and graffiti. Learn how to avoid detection and limit overspray. Drawing on these skills, participants will be invited to discuss ways to deface, decolonise and dispute national icons and monuments.

Did you know that this meaty, eggy, cheesy dish can be made vegan? Committed to making this popular dish available to all, Amy will scour the internet for a delicious substitute to the traditional version. If you have a good recipe feel free to email it through!

*Conventional meaty option and gluten free options also available.

5-8pm Sunday April 3, 2016
Cromwell Island, 136A Cromwell St, Collingwood
$15 bookings essential, places limited

Get tickets here: www.acentreforeverything.com/program/2016/3/1/counter-histories-defacement-spaghetti

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